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Course Outline
Year 3 (First Semester)
FAS 310 Life Study I
FAS 311 Plastic Design I
FAS 312 Materials and Reproduction Methods I
FAS 313 Theory of Sculpture I
FAD 314 Drawing V
FAE 315 Art Education I
FAH 316 African Art History III
FAS 315 Introduction to Wood Carving I
CAD 316 Computer-Aided Designs II

Year 3 (Second Semester)
FAS 320 Life Study II
FAS 321 Plastic Design II
FAS 322 Materials and Reproduction Methods II
FAS 323 Theory of Sculpture II
FAD 324 Drawing VI
FAE 325 Art Education II
FAH 326 African Art History IV
FAS 325 Introduction to Wood Carving II
CAD 326 Computer-Aided Designs III

Year 4 (First Semester)
FAS 410 Special Project I
FAS 411 Plastic Design III
FAS 412 Metal Casting I
FAS 413 Theory of Sculpture III
FAD 414 Drawing VII
FAH 416 European Art History
FAS 415 Wood Carving III

Year 4 (Second Semester)
FAS 420 Special Project II
FAS 421 Plastic Design IV
FAS 422 Metal Casting II
FAS 423 Theory of Sculpture IV
FAD 424 Drawing VIII
FAH 426 European Art History
FAS 425 Wood Carving IV

Graphic Design
Metal Design
Textile Design
Art History
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