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Art History

Course Outline
1st Semester

FAH 310: European Adventure and Colonialism in Africa
FAH 311: Geography of Africa and Problems of African Art History
FAH 312: European Art (Pre-History and Middle Age)
FAH 313: Rock Art of Africa
FAH 314: Modern Nigerian Art
FAD 314: Drawing V
CAD 316: Computer Aided Design II
FAH 316: African Art History II

2nd Semester
Students engage in the Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) in the relevant industry for six (6) months. This work experience in the industry is weighted in credit units and form part of the total score aggregate of students for the 300 level (Third Year) of the B.A. Fine/Applied Arts degree programme.

1st Semester
FAH 410: Politics of African Identity and Introduction to the International Art Market
FAH 411: A Survey of Modern Western Art – From Expressionism to Abstract Art
FAH 412: Historical Survey of Oriental Art
FAH 413: Formal and Informal Art Schools in West, East and South Africa (Workshop and Western Type Academies)
FAH 414: Art Criticism and Field Research in African Art History
FAD 415: Drawing VII
FAH 416: Modern Nigerian Art from 1970 to the Present
FAH 417: World Art History (Renaissance in Europe)
FAH 411: Special Project I

400 Level
2nd Semester

FAH 421: Special Project II
FAH 422: Contemporary Art: In East and South Africa Nationalism and Art from Pre-Independence to Post-independence (1920s to Independence)
FAH 423: African Diaspora Issue Base Art (From Harlem to Renaissance)
FAH 424: Museum Studies: A Survey with Critical Examples from Africa
FAD 425 – Drawing VIII
FAH 426: Special Topics and Emerging Art Theories

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Metal Design
Textile Design
Art History
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